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Frequently asked questions

  • Should i buy standard or XL size stencils?
    Standard stencils are 18" wide by 26" tall. XL are 28" wide x 28" tall. Standard is best for people who are painting their boat without help. If you have an extra set of hands you may want to consider XL stencils. XL stencils will allow you to cover more ground and complete the job faster. That said, any boat can be painted using standard size stencils.
  • What are the paint codes for KEM400?
    Cobblestone - F75KXA2514 Major brown - F75KXN2515 Hazel - F75KXN2516 Black ops - F75KXN6577 OD Green - F75KXH2783 Havoc OD green - F75KXG7998 Redleg Base - F75KXA8511 Marsh Grass - F75KXH9832 Harvest Brown - F75KXN9834 Xpress Base - F75KXA8238 Xpress Brown - F75KXN9214 Palm Green - F75KXNG12028 Havoc Brown - F75KXN12017 Havoc Tan - F75KXH12022 Gator Tail brown - F75KXN12092 Gator Tail bark - F5KNN12093
  • I've called several Sherwin Williams stores and no one knows what KEM400 is or can't get it.
    KEM400 is a specialty product line from Sherwin Williams. Not many stores carry it. That is why we offer it here on our website. KEM400 has been used for years and has a flawless record. That is why we continue to carry it.
  • Should i purchase directly from Redleg Camo or go through Amazon?
    Whether you purchase directly from us here at or Amazon, WE ship your product! If you purchase directly from by 1pm EST Monday - Thursday, your order will ship the same day (excluding paint kits, custom covers, and custom stencils). The same can't be said for Amazon orders. The only products Amazon ships are our "PRIME" listings. That said, we sincerely appreciate your business no matter where you purchase our products from!
  • How do i hold the stencil against the boat so the pattern isn't blurry?
    There really is no science to holding the stencil against the boat. Bottom line, do the best you can. Take your time. Also keep in mind that no paint job is perfect. You will not notice a little bit of blurring when the job is complete. Here are a few pics to help.
  • How big of a boat will a standard paint kit cover?
    Our kits contain 1 gallon base, and 1/2 gallon for stencil colors. This will generally cover up to an 1860 aluminum boat inside and out. If you're putting turf down on the floor and decks, you can paint an even larger boat with the standard paint kit. We recommend doing 1 base coat, then go over high traffic areas (floor, seats, rails, etc) with 1-2 more coats. Stencils only need 1 coat. No need to paint the bottom. Just paint as far as you can see.
  • Does Redleg Camo have a store I can visit?
  • What is included in a stencil kit?
    All kits, besides the 9x12 DIY kits, include stencils and directions. The directions will tell you what the suggested colors are and in what order to apply the stencils. Stencil kits do not include paint. Paint must be purchased separately. Paint is available here at, or you can call Sherwin Williams to order directly. Their number is also in the FAQ section. Ordering directly may speed up paint delivery.
  • Shipping
    At Redleg Camo, we pride ourselves on having the fastest shipping in the industry! We know you want your order FAST therefore we ship stencil orders FAST! In stock stencil and aerosol paint orders placed by 1pm EST (12pm CST) Monday - Thursday ship same day via USPS. USPS first class generally takes 3-5 days to deliver. Tracking will be emailed if email is provided at checkout. We offer upgraded UPS ground shipping. UPS ground delivers in 1-3 business days in the south east. KEM400 paint kits ship directly from Sherwin Williams in Little Rock, AR via FEDEX Ground. Tracking on paint kits is not automated. Please email us for tracking no less than 10 business days after placing your order. Please allow 15-20 business days for paint kits to arrive. Custom storage covers ship within 5 business days.
  • Paint Returns
    Sherwin Williams does not accept returns for paint, primer, or clear. This includes all paint kits, individual paint, primer, and clear. All sales are final. (Their policy, not ours.) Aerosol that is shipped by Redleg Camo is eligible for our standard return policy.
  • Stencil / Aerosol Returns and Refunds
    If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, return your unused camo stencil kit or aerosol paint within 30 days of order date for a refund. You will be refunded the amount paid minus PayPal fees and original shipping. Buyer is responsible for return postage. Please be sure to get a tracking number when returning product. Please use the contact form on to let us know your issue and to receive a RA#. No returns will be accepted without an RA#. We can be contacted by email at or by phone @ 803-339-2266.
  • Do paint kits include stencils?
    No, paint kits include paint only. Stencils sold separately.
  • What all do i need to paint my boat?
    Air Compressor (Minimum 5 gallon recommended) Paint Gun (Harbor Freight #47016 recommended. Available here or at Redleg Camo stencil kit Paint (Sherwin Williams KEM 400 paint recommended. Available here or select Sherwin Williams.) Masking tape Xylene Acetone (to clean boat prior to painting) Cleanup pan to clean stencils Paint sticks
  • How do i prep the boat for painting?
    Emply boat of all loose items including gas tank, battery, etc... Rinse all dirt and debris build up out of the boat. Wash boat with dish soap to help remove oil / grease / gas. Remove any loose paint. Scrub boat down with a Scotch Brite pad or equivalent. Soak rag with Acetone and wipe down boat. Tape up any items you do not wish to paint. Paint base coat (be sure to cover high traffic areas such as floor and side rails with 2-3 coats). Apply stencil starting on the front exterior area of the boat. Once finsihed with the exterior, move to the interior. To speed up the process or for those of you who plan to paint more than 1 boat, 2 sets of stencil are recommended. This way, when one stencil is soaking in cleaner, you can continue to paint.
  • Are directions included with the kits?
    Directions are included with the 18"x26", 28"x28, and Pro Series kits. Directions are not included with the small, 9"x12" DIY kits.
  • Does Redleg Camo paint boats?
    No, Redleg Camo does not paint boats. However, we can assist you in finding a painter that will take care of you.
  • How do i clean the stencils after use?
    Redleg Camo Stencils are 100% solvent proof! We recommend using xylene or paint thinner to remove excess paint from the stencil. It is best to fully submerge the stencil in a plastic tub and let it soak for 5 minutes. After the stencil has soaked for 5 minutes, lightly brush the stencil with a soft bristle kitchen brush or similar tool. Just be careful not to damage the stencil.
  • Do i need to thin KEM400 paint?
    KEM® 400 Enamel is a general purpose, short oil alkyd, flat enamel. It is ideal for interior and exterior application for OEM finishing or refinishing of industrial, construction, and agricultural equipment, as well as a wide array of general metal applications. Reduce with Xylene, R2K4 as needed up to 15%. For more flow and open time, use Aromatic Naphtha 100 Flash or Aromatic Naphtha 150 Flash. Use Toluol for faster flash off and in cooler temperature.
  • Do i need to prime my boat before painting?
    Only bare aluminum needs primer. If you're priming an entire boat, our primer kit works great. If you're only doing a small area, pick up a can or 2 of self etching primer from Lowes/Home Depot.
  • I sprayed clear coat on my boat and it turned white!  Whats wrong?
    If Sher-Clear clear coat is sprayed in high humidity, it will absorb moisture and make the boat look white. Once the moisture evaporates out of the paint, it will clear up. Heat will speed up the process. We suggest leaving the boat in the sun to bake. Depending on your local weather, it may take several days to clear up totally.


KEM400 Spec sheet

Primer spec sheet

Sher-Clear spec sheet

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