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Due to the Sherwin Williams KEM400 shortage, we have been searching for another paint option for our customers.  Before we used KEM400, we used FME from  Lou and Anne Tisch at were always very helpful and provided great customer service.  At this point, we believe this is the best option for Redleg customers looking for paint.  Lockstockbarrell FME paint DOES require a primer when painting bare aluminum.  Primer is available here.  If you're painting over old paint, you do not need primer.  To order paint, call (586)790-2678 or (586)465-0339.  Below is a color chart for their stock colors.  They can also make custom colors.  

We hope this helps you!

Closest matches to Redleg KEM400 Colors

Cobblestone / Xpress base - #41

Major Brown - #6

Black Ops - #28

Havoc OD - #28 special

Harvest brown / Hazel - #27

Palm Green - #35

Marsh Grass - #7

How much paint do i need?

1 Gallon covers up to about an 1860.  Typically, you'll need 1 gallon for your base coat and 1/2 gallon for the stencil colors.


Click to download color chart

This customer used #28 dead grass green base paint on the boat in the video

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